ROK Brands launches ROKiT cell phone bundle

ROK Brands, a global company whose mission is to improve the lifestyle of mankind around the world with a diverse offering of products and services, announced the launch of their innovative telecommunications and service brand, ROKiT, the company said.

Unlike other providers of mobile products and services, ROKiT aims to shake up the mobile market by leaping past talk, text, and entertainment bundles with a comprehensive lifestyle package revolving around health and protection for the whole family.

The phased launch of the ROKiT phones will roll out across the world starting with USA, Mexico, Canada, Poland and the UK this year and move into China, India and Japan in 2019.

In the next quarter, the brand plans to reveal new handsets featuring cutting-edge naked eye 3D technology. A series of high profile brand partnerships will also be announced, cementing ROKiT´s place amongst the major players in the technology, telecoms and service industry.

ROKiT is a humanity first telecommunications business that offers consumers state of the art mobile handsets and wireless connectivity at an unbeatable value. As part of the ROK Group of companies, ROKiT has been founded by business innovator John-Paul DeJoria (John Paul Mitchell Systems, Patron Tequila, John Paul Pet) and Jonathan Kendrick (British entrepreneur).

ROK Brands was founded by seasoned business innovators John Paul DeJoria and Jonathan Kendrick. The corporation includes ROK Vision, ROK Drinks (ABK Beer, Real Irish Whiskey, Bogart´s Spirits, among others), ROK Water, ROK Stars, ROK Books and other brands. Headquartered in the United Kingdom and Southern California, ROK Brands offers a diverse portfolio of products that improve the lifestyle of mankind around the world.