RoFx – The Pioneer of Algorithmic Trading Is All Set For The IPO


We have seen the Forex market being extremely volatile in 2020 due to the uncertainties caused by the pandemic across the world. This caused a lot of Forex traders to show their interest in algorithmic trading. We all know that there are many significant advantages of algorithmic trading and dealing with high volatile markets is one of the best among many others. Many expert advisor services started to mushroom to take advantage of this increased interest but pioneers like RoFX continue to make profits for their clients even in these uncertain times.

In 2020, overall, RoFX made 74.08% of profits for their clients (Year-To-Date) and on its way to achieve 100% by the end of the year. This explains the sheer brilliance of their expert advisor especially after we witnessed a steep decline in the profits generated by other popular trading bots in the market. The good news is that RoFX is all set to go public in the upcoming year. Their Initial Public Offering is ready to go live in the first quarter of 2021. Before talking about their IPO let’s just have a quick overview of the RoFX company as a whole. 

The Inception

The company has been started by a couple of Machine Learning experts with a keen interest in Forex trading. They started to build a bot that understands the Forex market and executes trades like how humans do. In 2009, the RoFX bot was live but the founders wanted to backtest it for a while to test its capabilities. After one complete year of R&D, they decided to lend their services to the public in 2010. The most amusing part is that the RoFX Company was built by the profits generated by the bot by trading Forex during its R&D in 2009. At that point, little did the founders know that they were building a bot that would eventually dominate the Expert Advisor industry in the next complete decade!

What Makes RoFX Standout from Other EA’s In the Market?  

Customer Centric – Always

The RoFX Company always strives to provide the best service for their clients. Their Trust Pilot score of 4.1 explains the same. It is tough for any company that belongs to the EA industry to get this kind of score. Their support is just incredible as they work 24/7 across the year. They always tend to provide accurate solutions and are always relevant with their answers. Many of the reviews say the support team is extremely friendly as well. In addition to this, the withdrawals are completely free and there are zero complaints on delays during withdrawals. Also, transparency is one of the most notable aspects of RoFX. We have personally used RoFX for over a couple of months and there are no hidden fees whatsoever.      

Trading Results – Best In The Market 

There are hardly any trading bots in the market that keep multiplying their client funds for years together. RoFX has been profitable ever since 2010 and they still continue to do so. As of today (Oct, 2020), the gains generated by this bot is over 700% which is mesmerizing. One good example to prove this point are the monthly profits generated by this bot during the pandemic. There is one month where the gains have gone below 6.5% even during the catastrophic market performance. Therefore we can say that these results speak for themselves.  

Credibility – 100%

For any scam or average Expert Advisor, it is very hard to sustain in the market for more than a decade. That itself explains the credibility and reliability of this bot. Moreover, there are close to 50,000 satisfactory customers for RoFX right now, and gaining trust for that many people is not an easy task. Providing quality EA services constantly is the only way to gain this amount of credibility in the market. 

Consistency In Being Profitable

For any experienced/professional Forex trader, the ratio between the winning and losing trades would be somewhere around 7:3. That is, if 70% of all their trades are on the winning side, they are said to be successful. Concerning RoFX, 81% of all the trades taken by this bot brought gains to its clients. A minimum of 8% – 10% monthly profits and 0.4% of daily promised in promised to all of the RoFX clients irrespective of their account size. These numbers are pretty impressive we should say. Moreover, the performance fee charged by this client is just 5% in some of their premium plans.         

Safety & Security – Impeccable 

The unique selling proposition of RoFX is their client fund protection plan. That is, if RoFX bot incurs any losses on your account, the company covers those losses and they have a separate reserve fund just for this purpose. Pretty Impressive. Also, RoFX has been tied up with highly regulated brokers with stringent rules which increases the security of their client funds.       

Ease of Access     

With just $1000 you can sign up with RoFX and start your own stream of passive income. There is no requirement to download and install any software to get started. All you need to do is signup with them and the bot takes care of the rest. This makes the RoFX EA – the trading bot for anyone and everyone. There is no need for you to have any trading experience to get started with RoFX. 

The Most Anticipated IPO

With all of these features in place, without any doubt, RoFX can be considered the best EA Company in the market. Therefore, the IPO anticipation and interest among the existing clients is pretty high. The company also confirmed the pre-IPO investment round is already scheduled for their existing clients. 

Most of all, there is one market expert opinion that caused the increased interest in RoFX’s IPO. That is, Berkshire Hathaway – Warren Buffet’s multinational conglomerate is looking at owning a majority of RoFX stock in the upcoming IPO. If this holds true, we can say that this Fintech Company’s IPO is already a grand success.