ROFX Audit- Assuring Stability and Profitability

The world of forex trading is quite tough for a trader and requires a lot of time and effort to implement the best strategies. It normally takes a long time to figure out the markets first and then to start conducting market analysis. For amateurs, however, there’s another option. ROFX is a revolutionary forex robot that guarantees loss coverage. Manual trading involves a lot of focus and human emotions, something which amateur traders may not be ready for. With ROFX, the profit potential for such individuals increases, eliminating the scope of human error at lightning speed. It is increasingly being featured in popular forex robots lists compiled by many reviewers.

ROFX is an EA that constantly scans the market for trading opportunities. This is evidenced by the various reports on its trading history and practices. It offers something called a profit margin calculator, which is an important feature to calculate the expected ROI easily. All one needs to do is enter the initial deposit amount after which it automatically computes the earnings. This is a great way to know how one will gain from the trades.

Useful Features of ROFX

ROFX always focuses on almost all types of traders including those who are just starting out, as well as those who are experienced. There are a number of useful features that potential buyers may find interesting.

  • Transparency:  ROFX provides complete information including all the fees they charge their users. There aren’t any other hidden fees involved.
  • Daily Profit: Traders are entitled to any profit made on a daily basis, provided the said day is profitable.
  • Deposit security Guarantee: ROFX provides deposit security by regularly updating its reserve fund.
  • Easy to Start: ROFX is very beginner-friendly and allows even novice traders to start trading in a short time.
  • Return of Funds: ROFX traders can get back the funds they invested. They are offered investor protection by the company.
  • Minimum Risk Margin: ROFX is a “no loss forex robot” which means it protects the trader’s account by providing a stop-loss feature.
  • Support: ROFX has a team of customer care professionals working on a 24/7 basis, with a live chat option available.

Advantages of using ROFX

There numerous reasons why traders choose ROFX for trading forex. Some of them are mentioned in the brief below.

  • Trading Strategy: ROFX like all other EA, works on a specific set of rules or strategies. This allows novice traders to stop with their trial and error approach which they would apply if they traded manually.
  • Beginner Friendly: Traders require experience, skill, and the ability for being profitable on the forex market in the beginning. ROFX allows this process to be as seamless and user-friendly as possible. It provides an intuitive functioning EA to novice traders, increasing their chances of attaining profits.
  • Consistency: Trading with a reliable EA like ROFX ensures a higher degree of trading consistency seldom possible with manual trading.
  • Minimizing Emotions: Human emotions can prevent traders from making profitable trading opportunities. It may so happen that a trader is overcome by grief or greed and executes a wrong trade which can be disastrous for his/her trading account.  By using ROFX, traders can prevent themselves from making that mistake. ROFX ensures that the feelings and emotions of a trader do not get in the way of a disciplined trading approach.
  • Preventing Human Influence: ROFX is fully automated and thus requires little to no human intervention. This frees up a lot of time for the trader to invest elsewhere.

Trading Record of ROFX on myfxbook

The EA industry has come a long way in the last few years. It has become saturated with a multitude of EAs and forex robots, some of which are scams. Thus, it is favorable for an EA to provide ample proof that the claims made by it are indeed true. A good way for EAs to do this is to provide verifiable records on authoritative sites such as myfxbook. This gives potential buyers a complete picture about the claims made by these EAs. Here, ROFX has also provided us with an account hosted on myfxbook.

From the above chart, we can see that the graph is upward sloping which is indicative of the account’s performance. The upper panel provides us with information about the account. This particular account is a real live account which uses the Ester broker. It provides us with a legitimate verification of the account.

At the bottom left tab, we can see that this chart is updated until May 30th.  This gives us proof that the chart is regulated and verified regularly by myfxbook. Often, EAs that turn out to be scams, fail to provide this proof, and rely on screenshots instead.

The above account shows a profit of $45780486.00, with an initial deposit of $10000000.00 and has a current balance of $55780486.00. This particular account has equity of 100%. Its daily profit is 0.26% while the monthly profit is 8.07%. The drawdown rate is low at 0.35% which is indicative of a low-risk strategy. The account has experienced a total gain of 457.8%.

The screenshot above also proves that this EA has been profitable this year. Myfxbook records gains of 46.52% as of this year.

All other aspects of this myfxbook account look legitimate and reliable. All the trading charts, trading activity reports, and trading statistics are also in order. This updated page of myfxbook proves that ROFX cares about the claims it makes on its sales page. It should be known that ROFX cannot be downloaded. Instead, users are required to visit the webpage, open an account, and follow the instructions for payment.


ROFX can be considered as one of the most profitable EA’s available with a monthly ROI of approximately 10%. This is one of the reasons it gets featured in top fx expert advisers lists. This article proves that ROFX is a reliable entity focused on providing transparency, with a proven track record to back up its claims.