Rocket Fiber brings 10 gigabit residential Internet service in Detroit

Detroit-based Rocket Fiber said it has announced details of its optical fiber Internet service for both the residential and business markets.

The fiber lines will provide up to 10-gigabit Internet speeds for residential customers and up to 100-gig speeds for businesses. This giant leap will allow Detroit to join a small group of technology-savvy cities in the world offering these gigabit speeds that will be up to 1,000 times faster than the current residential average speed in Detroit.

Rocket Fiber beta testing has already begun for residents connected to the service at The Albert and Malcomson Buildings in Detroit´s Capitol Park neighborhood. In addition, 19 office buildings have been connected to the Rocket Fiber network including the First National Building and One Kennedy Square. Large numbers of business and residential customers are scheduled to “go live” in early 2016.

Rocket Fiber, founded in 2014, is a Detroit-based optical fiber Internet service provider dedicated to developing and implementing leading technology infrastructure while delivering outstanding client service to residents and businesses.