RoboKiller app eliminates pre-recorded telemarketing, scam calls

RoboKiller said that its new mobile app, which kills robocalls before they ring, has won the USD25,000 Grand Prize in the Federal Trade Commission´s (FTC) Robocalls: Humanity Strikes Back competition.

The competition sought the best solutions to a problem that plagues millions of consumers: annoying and fraudulent pre-recorded telemarketing calls.

The RoboKiller Team proved that its approach identifies and stops robocalls with incredible accuracy.

RoboKiller´s robo analytics engine uses audio-fingerprinting to determine if a call´s audio is human or robotic. Calls that come from machines or illegal sources are forwarded to the app´s´ SpamBox, and only legitimate calls ring through. Powerful customization features including blacklist, whitelist, and do-not-disturb settings give users complete control of their phones and freedom from robocalls.