Rivada Networks names former Sprint exec to Co-CEO position

Rivada Networks has named telco industry veteran Joseph J. Euteneuer as co-CEO and CFO Americas, the company said.

Euteneuer will work alongside Executive Chairman and co-CEO Declan Ganley as the company works to change the way wireless networks are built and accessed by creating the country´s first wholesale-only wireless provider.

To help fund the rollout, Rivada, along with a consortium of industry leaders, is bidding to build out FirstNet´s nationwide public-safety broadband network. In the case of an emergency, Rivada´s core technology, Dynamic Spectrum Arbitrage Tiered Priority Access (DSATPA), would ensure public safety agencies maintain priority over their dedicated broadband networks, but otherwise could lease out the unused capacity to generate revenue when available.

Rivada Networks is a leading designer, integrator and operator of wholesale wireless communications networks. Its technology, Dynamic Spectrum Arbitrage-Tiered Priority Access (DSATPA), allows wireless broadband capacity to be dynamically bought and sold in a fully competitive on demand process to competing commercial entities. DSATPA is a game changer for the way in which spectrum is consumed, maximizing the efficiency of radio spectrum bandwidth and unlocking the potential for more extensive, higher capacity broadband networks.