Rivada Networks adds to patent portfolio

Rivada Networks has been awarded additional patents for its signature “Dynamic Spectrum Arbitrage” technology in Mexico and Australia, the company said.

It has also received another patent for its ground-breaking “e-LBS” technology in the United States.

US Patent No. 14/963,989 – Method and System for Providing Enhanced Location Based Information for Wireless Handsets has been granted in the United States and will further enhance the industry-leading accuracy of Rivada´s enhanced location based service (e-LBS) technology. e-LBS is a transformative solution which enables handsets to triangulate their location relative to each other, providing unprecedented levels of accuracy in three dimensions. It will become a vital tool for public safety officials and other users who operate in locations where accuracy and precision in determining location are vital.

Mexican Patent No. MX/a/2015/012214 – Dynamic Spectrum Arbitrage has been awarded in Mexico. Dynamic Spectrum Arbitrage (DSA) is the most advanced spectrum-sharing technology available. It allows bandwidth on a mobile network to be allocated in real time among various bidders. Developed to ensure that public safety officials can be guaranteed absolute priority to a network in times of emergency, it will also power the next evolution of the mobile world, by enabling bandwidth to be traded in real time.

In addition to the Mexican patent, Australian Patent No. 2014274387 has also been granted, strengthening Rivada´s portfolio of DSA patents around the world.

Rivada Networks´ Dynamic Spectrum Arbitrage technology turns networks into markets. With demand for mobile data growing at nearly 50% a year, we all face an urgent need to use wireless spectrum and networks more efficiently. Rivada´s technology answers that need.