Rivada gets high value patent on its tiered priority access designs

Rivada´s patented Tiered Priority Access (TPA) system allows high priory users, such as first responders, to establish effective communications in times of emergency or crisis, the company said.

More specifically, Rivada´s TPA system monitors wireless cells traffic, determines whether the wireless cells traffic volume exceeds a threshold, partitions the wireless network resources based on priorities when the wireless cell sites traffic volume exceeds the threshold, and reserves a portion of the partitioned resources for high priority usage (i.e., use by wireless devices of authorized emergency personnel).

Rivada´s TPA system also works in conjunction with its Open Access Wireless system, which enables two or more networks to collaborate and negotiate a resource leasing scheme for a use of radio frequency spectrum and network capacity utilization, and then coordinate the inter-network handover of mobile devices for the better and more efficient use of available radio frequency spectrum resources.

Rivada Networks is a designer, integrator and operator of wireless, interoperable communications networks. Its patented technology creates more efficient utilization of LTE networks, enabling new business models for commercial wireless services (i.e., wholesale, machine-to-machine, Internet of Things, etc.).