RiskSense Announces Full Spectrum Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

RiskSense®, Inc., pioneering risk-based vulnerability management and prioritization, has introduced Full Spectrum RBVM (Risk-based Vulnerability Management) that automatically discovers, analyzes, scores, and prioritizes both internal and external-facing security threat exposure across an organization´s IT infrastructure and applications, the company said.

The cloud-delivered RiskSense solution now combines RBVM with RiskSense SRSTM (Security Rating Service) to provide 360 degree visibility that eliminates security gaps and enables security teams to measure, prioritize, and control both inside-out and outside-in risks from one integrated console.

The new RiskSense SRSTM capabilities, which are fully integrated with the RiskSense platform, require nothing more than a second-level domain name (yourcompany.com, for example) to start performing a continuous, independent, quantitative discovery and analysis of all Internet-accessible assets.

It generates an external RiskSense Security Score, or xRS3, across key security components including network security, application security, patching cadence, email security, DNS security, and IP reputation. A benchmarking comparison is also provided, which allows organizations to compare their cybersecurity posture against those of industry peers.

Each xRS3 score takes into account observed security best practices, past incidents, security weaknesses on externally accessible assets, information leakage, and activity on the Dark Web to reflect an organization´s overall security stance. These scores facilitate initial benchmarking and ongoing measurement, meaningful prioritization of vulnerabilities and prioritized remediation activities, as well as a comparison with industry peers.

The RiskSense platform helps users quickly orchestrate remediation actions; asset grouping, ticket assignment, details and workflows for handling risk acceptance, false positives, and validation options that track the corrective actions and measurements to confidently know when vulnerabilities have been successfully resolved.

RiskSense provides vulnerability management and prioritization to measure and control cybersecurity risk. For more information, visit www.risksense.com.