RingByName names new executive assistant

RingByName, a Miami company offering cloud communications services in 70 countries, has broken new ground as the first business cloud phone service to integrate with Amazon´s Alexa family of devices, currently estimated to number greater than seven million, the company said.

Hands-free dialing is essential for some disabled people and any person who wants to be more productive. RingByName is at the forefront of delivering this kind of innovation smart office innovation. RingByName is way more than a business phone service.

RingByName has built and perfected a highly-scalable cloud-based communication and collaboration platform using proprietary and open-source software. The company has hundreds of thousands of business using its services globally. RingByName helps businesses win and keep more customers by replacing what they currently use for phone service with a competitive weapon that welcomes and routes callers by name, delivers relevant and actionable information on every phone call, and includes a built-in CRM.

The RingByName Alexa Skill can be enabled through Amazon´s Alexa app on Fire, iOS, and Android devices, and on the web at https://alexa.amazon.com. The skill can be enjoyed completely handsfree with a RingByName account and an IP phone set to auto-answer. Complete information on the RingByName Alexa Skill is available at www.ringbyname.com/alexa.

RingByName is a cloud-based communications platform for businesses. It helps companies build and retain relationships with their customers while running more smoothly.