Ring trends for 2021

After a strange a turbulent previous year; people have already set numerous expectations for the year ahead. A natural desire for a new and uplifting experience, in order to recharge batteries and start afresh with a positive outlook, is to be expected. Such a desire can be observed in the upcoming trends within the jewellery industry.

Given the current restrictions placed on weddings, the focus is not regarding wedding and engagement bands, but with more casual pieces to be worn on a daily basis. The jewellers, F Jewelry, along with other distributors, will focus on combining traditional approaches with new waves in the styling of rings throughout their collections.

During 2020, when an individual’s ability to travel and go out was restricted heavily, a preference for clean and simple designs was favoured. There was little desire for super shining gems and jewels for outfits like gym leggings. Considering that current fashion trends are motivated by the appeal of comfort; jewellers have adapted this in their latest designs.

Atypical Designs

The love for the unusual will be prominent in 2021. The weirder and more bizarre the ring is, the more likely it will be beloved by fashionistas. This may not be the case for men’s accessories, but female treasures are expected to be far more diverse. For example; natural inspired rings, hidden message pieces, spinner, and weave designs, etc.

Coloured Stones

Titillating tones of metals are complemented by gems. Emerald, ruby, sapphire, cubic zirconia — there are so many options aside from diamonds, and they won’t be overlooked in 2021.

How would you know which stone is the right fit to your personality? There are many online tests and recommendations. There are also specific stones that are associated with your birth date. A more beneficial approach is to select something to your liking. Narrowing down your choice through online exploration.

Ode to Metal

The trend to choose options of unusual metals will survive the next season as well. Apart from gold and silver solutions, customers would prefer rhodium and platinum, bronze and similar types. If you are searching for solo-metal models, then make sure to check how to treat and take care of them correctly. Several treasures are sensitive and delicate in use and require careful maintenance. It is essential to extend the overall life of your new friend.

The Ring’s Texture

The way your jewellery feels to the touch is significantly important. Gradually, metals with a less polished finish have started to play a bigger and more essential role in the market. There is a greater demand for something with a matte or sand finish rather than a classic mirror-like piece.

Where to find?

F Jewellery is a great place to find stylish designs at affordable prices. Although their pieces are reasonably priced; their quality is extraordinary. The brand cooperates with the most reputable dealers and suppliers on the UK market.