RightRez fare product saved customers over USD 50m in 2019

Air travel technology company RightRez Inc. has announced its RightFare product has saved customers over USD 50 million in 2018, the company said.

RightFare´s online interface helps customers find and recover lower private fares.
One of RightRez´s seven travel technology products, RightFare, finds and recovers lower private fares on the same itinerary currently booked, requiring no agent intervention. In 2019, RightFare saved customers on average USD 285 per booking. Since the product´s creation, over 1.8 million airfares have been reduced.

RightRez´s other products managed over USD 1.9 billion in airfare and over two million passengers last year. RightSked, which manages schedule changes, processed over 1.2 million schedule changes in 2019, enabling clients to effectively manage the 22% increase in schedule changes that the industry has experienced over the past two years. RightFlight, a web-based, robotic booking engine, booked over 500,000 passengers last year.

RightRez provides creative automation and booking solutions, itinerary management tools and custom applications to high-volume travel companies.