RF shielding enhances in-building DAS, small cell performance

Signals Defense has made available its RF shielding products for application in buildings being outfitted with a distributed antenna system (DAS) or small cells to improve in-building wireless (IBW) performance, the company said.

The RF shielding products, led by innovative DAS Shieldâ„¢, can be applied as a film to windows in an existing building or as custom-made windows for new construction.

Signals Defense´ IBW products include DAS Shieldâ„¢, SD-1000/1010 and SD-2500/2510 each with different performance characteristics that meet specific site requirements.

RF performance specifications for DAS Shieldâ„¢ already are incorporated in iBwave® Design in drop-down menus so that system planners can model in heat maps the ´Before´ and ´After´ effects of applying the RF shielding in the RF design phase.

Signals Defense, LLC, based in Owings Mills, Maryland, produces optically clear window film and building shielding technology that provides high radio frequency (RF) and infrared (IR) attenuation for RF shielding and thermal imaging defense purposes.