Revon Systems gets National Science Foundation grant

Revon Systems has been awarded federal funding for the development of standalone mobile applications that detect declines in patient health early and guide the patient to the right level of care, the company said.

The NSF STTR Phase I award brings USD 225,000 into Revon´s product development effort. Phase I work will focus on prototyping of the COPD Smart Symptom Tracker mobile application for optimization of patient adoption, retention, ease-of-use, and overall health. Phase II work, if awarded, will focus on complete commercialization of the validated product.

Revon is a digital therapeutics company that specializes in helping patients with cardiovascular and lung conditions to self-manage signs and symptoms, intervene early on health declines, and improve quality of life. Its primary differentiating technology is a built-in machine learning feature called a Smart Symptom Tracker that interprets troubling symptoms and signs with the goal of finding the right level of care early.