Resonant expands licensing agreement

Resonant Inc. (NASDAQ: RESN) has extended its development and licensing agreement with an existing customer, adding three new duplexers based on early development successes with previous engagements, the company said.

The expansion encompasses the development and licensing of three duplexers targeting difficult bands. Resonant now has seven products in development with this customer utilizing its patented technology and design tools.

These designs will leverage Resonant´s patented ISN Software Tools, which we believe can be instrumental in RFFE design for next-generation 5G devices. Resonant has published a whitepaper titled “RF Innovation and the Transition to 5G Wireless Technology” that provides more information on how its technology can be used in 5G RFFE.

Upfront payments, milestone payments and royalty terms have been agreed upon, but will not be disclosed due to the confidential nature of such agreements.

Resonant is creating software tools and intellectual property that enable the development of innovative filter designs for the RF front-end, or RFFE, for the mobile device industry. The RFFE is the circuitry in a mobile device responsible for the radio frequency signal processing and is located between the device´s antenna and its digital baseband. Filters are a critical component of the RFFE that selects the desired radio frequency signals and rejects unwanted signals and noise.