Resonant adds vendor

Resonant Inc. (NASDAQ: RESN), a designer of filters for radio frequency, or RF, front-ends that specializes in delivering designs for difficult bands and complex modules, has announced it has added TST, Tai-Saw Technology Co., Ltd. as its third backend and packaging vendor for its Infinite Synthesized Network® (ISN®) Foundry Program, the company said.

TST is a highly experienced and well-regarded supplier of a broad range of packaged SAW devices (Duplexer, RF filters, IF Filters, Resonators and Sensors). They have served the industry for twenty years and are a global company with locations in Taiwan, China and the USA.

Resonant is creating software tools and IP & licensable blocks that enable the development of innovative filter designs and modules for the RF front-end, or RFFE, for the mobile device industry. The RFFE is the circuitry in a mobile device responsible for the radio frequency signal processing and is located between the device´s antenna and its digital baseband. Filters are a critical component of the RFFE that selects the desired radio frequency signals and rejects unwanted signals and noise.

Resonant can create designs for difficult bands and complex requirements that we believe have the potential to be manufactured for half the cost and developed in half the time of traditional approaches.