Resolve, ITC2 to Accelerate Automation & AIOps Initiatives for Global Enterprises

Resolve Systems®, a provider of IT automation and AIOps, announced its partnership with Information Technology Consulting Company (ITC2), an industry provider of Digital Optimization™ and Digital Risk Management™ Practices, the company said.

Both companies have extensive experience assisting large enterprises and communication service providers with navigating digital transformation, as well as successfully evolving and modernizing network and IT operations with best-practice processes and world-class technologies.

As the global pandemic puts digital transformation efforts on fast forward and infrastructure continues to expand exponentially, organizations are accelerating adoption of IT automation and AIOps. Resolve´s industry-leading solutions will complement ITC2´s robust service offerings to advance these initiatives and enable organizations to address today´s unique IT challenges, improve infrastructure resiliency and business continuity, reduce costs, and maximize efficiency.

Purpose-built to manage rapid infrastructure growth and technical complexity in dynamic, hybrid IT environments, Resolve´s automation and AIOps platform fuels agile, autonomous IT operations. The Resolve platform was recently recognized with a Big Innovation Award for its ability to radically streamline network and IT operations while reducing mean time to resolution (MTTR), accelerating service delivery, and improving network and application performance.

For the last decade, Resolve has helped enterprises transform the way they work by harnessing the power of automation and AIOps to achieve measurable results, including annual savings ranging from more than USD 15 million in operational costs to improving incident response times by 99%.

Resolve helps IT teams achieve agile, autonomous operations with an industry-leading, enterprise automation, and AIOps platform. By combining insights from artificial intelligence with powerful, cross-domain automation, Resolve handles a wide array of IT operations — from dependency mapping, event correlation, and predictive analytics to intelligently automating actions based on those findings. Learn more at or follow on Twitter @ResolveSystems.

Founded in 2006, ITC2 began supplying network engineers to Cisco Systems Advance Service teams worldwide. In 2013, ITC2 introduced new portfolio offerings focused on adding services impacting the network, including Telecom Expense Management, Network Managed Services Consulting, and Software Platforms.