Resolute Capital commits USD 20m in investment of Finance Technology Leverage to finance tech innovations

Resolute Capital Partners has announced it is committing USD 20 million to invest in private equity firm Finance Technology Leverage LLC, to finance technological innovations in energy, life sciences, industrial technology, and aerospace, the company said.

Finance Technology Leverage utilizes its subsidiary, Breakwater Insurance, to fund large, complex and high-risk projects through the creation of specialized financial structures that help mitigate risk to its investors. FTL´s unique approach enables the company to attract financing for new innovations, and allows challenging projects, such as Rotary Rocket Company–a pioneer in the private launch-vehicle revolution during the 1990´s, to become a reality.

Resolute Capital Partners has placed more than USD 3 billion in institutional-grade and private securities investments to companies to help them realize their visions through structured transactions.

Finance Technology Leverage is focused on energy, life sciences, industrial technology, and aerospace. Finance Technology Leverage funds large complex and high-risk projects, by creating specialized financial structures which are extremely attractive to investors.