Republic Wireless e-commerce supply chain powered by One Network

One Network, the global provider of a multi-party network platform and services, said that Republic Wireless, an innovative provider of a new kind of low cost and award winning mobile phone service, is live on its Real Time Value Network (RTVN).

Republic Wireless is enhancing the customer experience by using One Network for e-commerce fulfillment, tracking, and exception resolution from procure to pay and from order to delivery.

One Network´s RTVN provides Republic Wireless with real-time visibility into consumer orders, while its intelligent agent technology monitors fulfillment during execution, warning the carrier of possible problems.

Leveraging One Network´s resolution workbenches, Republic Wireless´ team can collaborate instantly, evaluate different scenarios and fix the problem to ensure orders reach the customer on time. The solution also allows Republic Wireless to quickly resolve problems before they impact service to the customer and update the customer on the status of their order when necessary.

The RTVN brings together all the necessary parties, including Republic Wireless, its suppliers, third-party logistics providers, and parcel carriers in order to orchestrate inbound supply and e-commerce.

Republic Wireless is headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina and is spearheading a wireless freedom movement to return value and control of the smartphone experience to members by leveraging the power of both WiFi and cellular networks. The service uses WiFi in the home, office or anywhere else as the primary network for calls, texts and data. When outside of WiFi coverage, the smartphone works just like a typical smartphone on the cellular networks of national CDMA carriers.

One Network provides cloud business solutions designed to enable and optimize customer driven business networks.