Redox Launches Rapid Deployment Model for Telehealth

Redox, the interoperability platform for health data exchange, has announced the Redox Rapid Deployment Model for Telehealth, the company said.

The program is designed for telehealth software vendors to get their solutions live and integrated with healthcare organizations within two weeks. This process typically takes 16-18 weeks.

In the world of social distancing, telehealth is a safe way to provide healthcare. For this to happen successfully, telehealth solutions must integrate with existing patient care systems like electronic health records (EHRs), and provide a great user experience to caregivers and patients. Now more than ever, a telehealth solution can´t fall short in any of these areas.

Redox accelerates the development and distribution of healthcare software solutions with a full-service integration platform to securely and efficiently exchange healthcare data. With just one connection, data can be transmitted across a growing network of more than 700 healthcare delivery organizations and 250 independent software vendors. Members of the Redox Network exchange more than 7 million patient records per day, leveraging a single data standard compatible with more than 40 electronic health record systems. Learn how you can leverage the Redox Platform at