RedMorph introduces comprehensive Internet privacy solution

RedMorph Inc. said it has announced a comprehensive Internet privacy and content control solution for everyone: the RedMorph Browser Controller.

Consisting of a browser extension and native apps for all mobile and desktop platforms, the offering combines a suite of leading technologies with ease-of-use and accessibility for a broad audience, including parents and children.

RedMorph seamlessly bundles features traditionally spread across multiple disparate products into a single, easy-to-use solution.

“The free Internet is an illusion created by a thriving multi-billion dollar industry. The harvesting, analysis and sale of personal information online is a very real issue affecting all Internet users. Yet, until now only the most tech-savvy have been sufficiently informed and equipped to protect themselves. Our mission at RedMorph is twofold. First, we aim to raise awareness about digital privacy issues through educational initiatives. Second, we build effective, usable tools for everyone,” said Abhay Edlabadkar, founder of RedMorph. “We are working on a comprehensive suite of solutions and services that put the power and ownership in the hands of the users, helping them achieve control, protection, and privacy online.”

Users can download the free RedMorph Browser Controller from the Google Chrome browser extension store for laptops and desktops today. The company plans to support all major browsers and platforms in the near future, including Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, iOS and Android.

RedMorph´s solution offers three membership tiers. The Primary tier is offered free of charge. It allows users to block unwanted tracking and analytics technologies, speed up page loads, visualize entities attempting to track them and use customizable controls to filter undesirable or inappropriate content. The Advanced and Comprehensive tiers offers network-level encryption and anonymity services priced competitively with current single-service offerings.