Red River to Deliver School-Level Connectivity at Home

Red River, a technology transformation company, today unveiled Access-EDU, a new solution leveraging private LTE technology to deliver reliable connectivity for remote learning, the company said.

Access-EDU leverages private LTE technology and the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) to create a cellular-based network for students and faculty to connect to their school´s Internet. This solution not only provides connectivity over a wide geographical location, but Access-EDU also utilizes the same security protocols already established by schools to keep students and data safe.

Access-EDU bypasses home Internet connections to leverage cellular data from customer-owned equipment like smartphones, tablets or computers to access the school´s private network infrastructure. In this model, the school´s existing network expands, delivering the same security, access and capacity as on-site WiFi. Access-EDU can be deployed quickly and is more cost-effective than purchasing or leasing mobile hotspots.

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