Red Box Recorders releases audio-recording compliance verification tool

Red Box Recorders has released Assure: Daily System Check, a software tool for fully automated verification of audio recording, which delivers the highest standard of compliance-assurance for recorded communication systems, the company said.

Assure: Daily System Check has been designed to ensure an organisation is fully compliant with call recording regulations, enabling the verification of its communication infrastructure to ensure it is functioning correctly and recording critical communications.

Globally, financial institutions spend millions of pounds every year manually verifying that they are recording audio to compliance standards. This task can be disruptive to business operations and where only partial testing is conducted, there is risk of major regulatory penalties due to an undetected recording fault.

Red Box Recorders provides communication recording solutions to store, retrieve, and analyse voice, IM, video and data for policy and legal compliance, fact verification, business investigation and quality monitoring. The company has offices in the UK, USA, Hong Kong and Singapore and is supported by a global network of partners to deliver high levels of service and support.