Record number of passengers recorded at Helsinki Airport

Helsinki Airport has set a new record for passenger volume — over 16 million passengers, the company said.

The increase over the previous figures almost amounts to the population of Helsinki.

For the first time, passenger volumes at all Finavia airports increased to over 20 million passengers. There were increases in both domestic traffic and international air traffic. As a result, Rovaniemi set an all-time passenger volume record, and Oulu was once again in the million-passenger club. Tourism in Lapland is recovering to almost the same level it was in its peak years.

A total of 20,083,297 passengers (19,691,612 in 2014) travelled through Finavia´s airports in 2015, an increase of 2.0 percent compared to the previous year. 26 percent of the passengers took domestic flights and 74 percent international flights.

Lapland airports also set new records. Lapland is now again near the peak years in passenger volumes, as the passenger volume was over one million: 1,007,011 (973,953 in 2014). The year 2008 was the last time this took place in Lapland.

In the fourth quarter of 2015, there was a total of 5,057,573 passengers (4,830,179 passengers in October–December 2014). The volume increased by 4.7 percent compared to October–December 2014.

The passenger volume in international air traffic increased by 1.5 percent in 2015 and amounted to 14.9 million (14.6).

The passenger volume at Helsinki Airport increased by 3.0 percent from 2014 to 16,422,266 (15,948,838) at the end of December. Compared to 2014, the volume increased by 473,428 passengers. The volume of international passengers increased by 2.9 percent, and domestic travel grew by 3.4 percent.

In October–December, 4.0 million passengers flew via Helsinki Airport. The increase was a significant 5.5 percent compared to the same period in 2014.

All in all, the number of transit passengers at Helsinki Airport increased by 3.1 percent from the previous year and was 2.6 million (2.5). The majority of Asian passengers at Helsinki Airport were from Japan and China.

The number of commercial aviation landings continued to decrease to 113,290 operations last year, which is 1.7 percent less than in 2014. The passenger volume has not decreased in proportion to the number of landed aircraft, which means that air traffic is more efficient than before due to high aircraft occupancy rates and larger aircraft sizes.

Finavia provides and develops airport and air navigation services with focus on safety, customer-orientation and cost efficiency. Finavia´s comprehensive network of 22 airports enables international connections from Finland — and to different parts of Finland. Helsinki Airport is the leading Northern European transit airport for long-haul traffic. Revenues in 2014 were EUR 350 million, and the number of employees 2900.