Real Agent Guard launches program to keep agents safe on the job

Real Agent Guard said it has launched a new platform that allows agents to find safe locations to meet with clients.

Often, agents are asked to meet with clients who want to see a property far from their home office. REALTOR® Safe Harbor is a web-based site and mobile-friendly app that enables agents to quickly determine safe locations to meet.

Several REALTOR® associations have recently signed on to be among the first groups to take part in the program, including the Arkansas REALTOR®s Association, 6,923 members; the Wyoming Association of REALTOR®s, 2,012 members; the Louisiana REALTOR®s Association, 11,650 members; and the Idaho Association of REALTOR®s, 7,000 members. Several other state associations are also close to finalizing partnerships with REALTOR® Safe Harbor.

All of the associations and Real Agent Guard are actively encouraging real estate firms and other businesses to offer their locations as a safe harbor.

Real Agent Guard, based in Rogers, Ark., is a mobile-enabled personal security service that provides real-time monitoring of employees or agents for the purpose of providing both monitoring and deterrence from potential personal attacks.