Raziel Health Acquires Ideal Life

Raziel Health has announced that it has acquired Ideal Life, a pioneering remote patient monitoring service with 20 years of experience managing collectively over 100,000 monitored patients, the company said.

Raziel Health is the world´s first smart, fully integrated health care delivery system, delivered in the comfort and safety of the living room.

Raziel Health has rapidly incorporated Ideal Life into its integrated delivery platform allowing physicians and health plans to engage, monitor and provide personalized care experiences 24/7 using-edge technologies at home.

Ideal Life´s remote patient monitoring technology tracks key health information from the home and transfers the data to the patient´s physician, allowing for appropriate care interventions and interactions. With cutting-edge, proprietary, interactive interfaces in the home, deep connectivity to all of the major electronic record systems, a command and control center, and AI-based learning and predictive capabilities, Raziel Health delivers a highly differentiated remote health monitoring and population management experience across the healthcare ecosystem.

Raziel Health´s mission is to bring world-class, disruptively less expensive healthcare to everyone, in the comfort of their home. Its unique, integrated system combines easy-to-use technologies that support positive patient experience, enable timely clinical intervention, and meet individual patient goals while using data analytics to support wellness and disease management. Visit www.RazielHealth.com for more information.