RAZ Mobility Announces Cell Phone for Individuals With Memory Loss and Intellectual Disabilities

RAZ Mobility (www.razmobility.com), a provider of mobile assistive technology, has announced the launch of the RAZ Memory Cell Phone, the company said.

The cell phone takes simplicity to the extreme and is designed to address the unique needs of people with dementia and other forms of memory loss. The RAZ Memory Cell Phone is also well suited for individuals with intellectual disabilities.

The RAZ Memory Cell Phone consists of one primary screen, and one screen only. It is always on and includes pictures and names of up to six contacts and a button to call 911. There are no applications or settings to cause confusion. No notifications or operating system updates. No distractions. Users can simply tap and hold the picture of the person they wish to call.

Caregivers manage the RAZ Memory Cell Phone through a simple online portal. The portal is used to create and edit the contacts, track the location of the phone/user and select certain options, such as the option to restrict incoming calls to people in the user´s contacts, thereby avoiding unwanted calls such as predatory robocalls.

RAZ Mobility offers unique and cutting-edge mobile assistive technology solutions for people with disabilities. These solutions take the form of mobile applications, mobile devices or software bundled with mobile devices. Learn more about RAZ Mobility at www.razmobility.com.