RapidAPI partners with Twilio

RapidAPI, the world´s largest API Marketplace that helps developers find and connect to thousands of publicly available APIs, has announced that it has partnered with Twilio to add its Verify, Lookup, SMS, and Phone Numbers APIs to RapidAPI´s Marketplace, the company said.

With the addition of Twilio´s APIs, it is easier than ever for developers using RapidAPI to integrate messaging, voice, and video into their web and mobile applications. As part of the partnership, RapidAPI has joined Twilio Build, a program comprised of a growing ecosystem of best-in-class partners focused on delivering applications and services that have an API-first, developer-first approach.

As part of the Twilio Build partnership program, RapidAPI will demonstrate Twilio´s APIs on the RapidAPI Marketplace in the Partner Expo at SIGNAL, Twilio´s annual customer and developer conference on August 6-7. The two companies will also continue to collaborate, bringing new APIs on to RapidAPI´s Marketplace while working together on new opportunities through the Twilio Build program.

Developers can immediately access the following Twilio APIs on the RapidAPI Marketplace and immediately use them to add communications applications to your applications:

Verify: The Twilio Verify API helps you fight fraud before it starts by validating users with SMS and voice. The Verify API uses two API endpoints to ensure that a user is the owner of the phone number they provide.
Lookup: The Twilio Lookup API helps verify numbers to reduce undeliverable messages, identify local-friendly number formats, and resolve caller names.
SMS: Twilio´s Programmable SMS API helps developers add robust messaging capabilities to their applications. This API enables them to send and receive SMS messages, track the delivery of sent messages, and retrieve and modify message history. You can also buy available phone numbers using the Phone Numbers API.

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