Ranovus Launches Single Chip Silicon Photonic Engine For Data Center and 5G Mobility

Ranovus Inc., a provider of multi-terabit interconnect solutions for data center and communications networks, has announced the launch of its Odin™ platform, the company said.

Odin™ scales Ranovus´ 100Gbps per lambda silicon photonics engine from 800Gbps to 3.2Tbps in a single chip supporting both module and Co-Packaged Optics solutions.

Ranovus´ Odin™ platform incorporates the company´s disruptive innovation in multi-wavelength Quantum Dot Laser (QDL), 100Gbps silicon photonics based Micro Ring Resonator modulators and photodetectors, 100Gbps Driver, 100Gbps TIA and control Integrated Circuits supported by a Tier 1 packaging ecosystem.

Ranovus, with operations in Ottawa, Canada, Nuremberg, Germany and Sunnyvale, USA, develops and manufactures advanced solutions for the next generation of interconnects for the telecommunications and information technology industries.