Rank Ranger provides free search intelligence data

Rank Ranger, the SaaS SEO Platform company, has launched its free Google SERP Features Tools.

Researchers and online marketers are granted free access to big search intelligence data.

In analyzing Google´s search engine results pages (SERPs) in 44 countries, the Google SERP Features Search Intelligence Tool monitors 500K keywords thereby providing a prolific and comprehensive view of Google´s commitment to improving user experience. By doing so, this free tool presents the ability to monitor the frequency and trend data related to the presence of SERP elements such as Answer Boxes, Featured Snippets, and Knowledge Panels.

By employing the Google SERP Features Global Search Intelligence Tool, marketing analysts and researchers are afforded insight into the overall trends of Google SERPs. Beyond country-specific in-depth analysis, the tool provides a global performance perspective providing the ability to compare and contrast SERP trends across the globe.

Founded in 2009, Rank Ranger offers a wide range of software features and development services designed to standardize management and reporting for the digital marketing world by filling the need for a comprehensive online marketing platform capable of tracking & monitoring campaign data, integrated with 3rd party software and services, providing fully personalized and customized reporting, 100 percent white label automated reports and a branded web interface.