RADWIN launches next generation train-to-ground connectivity

RADWIN has launched its new generation of the FiberinMotion train-to-ground solution capable of delivering over 500 Mbps per train, the company said.

Rail and metro operators can use RADWIN´s solution to build a dedicated broadband network for their rolling stock to support multiple onboard services such as high-speed Wi-Fi for passengers, multimedia infotainment and HD CCTV.

RADWIN is a provider of train-to-ground wireless communications solutions designed for rail and metro operators, which delivers wireless broadband in-motion. RADWIN´s FiberinMotion train-to-ground solution provides 500 Mbps throughput and in non-line-of-sight and tunnel topologies, and powers a range of applications including high-speed wi-fi, real-time CCTV, PIS and CBTC.