Radpay introduces patent-pending blockchain-based e-commerce solution

Radpay, an Arizona-based decentralized global payment processing company reimagining payments and rewards, has announced the development of CryptoClick™, a revolutionary new patent-pending ecommerce technology, the company said.

CryptoClick addresses ecommerce shopping cart abandonment, a trillion dollar problem for ecommerce sites. CryptoClick follows the earlier launch of Radpay´s SpeedPath™ solution for upscale retailers and restaurants, and amplifies Radpay´s novel innovations in the development of modernized payment solutions.

For more information about Radpay´s CryptoClick, visit https://www.radpay.com/cryptoclick.html. For more information about Radpay, connect with us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/radpay/ or visit https://www.radpay.com.

Radpay is a Phoenix-based startup changing the USD 32 trillion global card payment processing industry. Radpay does this with a patent-pending merchant card payment solution: more than two dozen inventions which blend distributed ledger technology with PCI-compliant card payment infrastructure and mobile devices to merge convenience, security, and transparency. Learn more at https://www.radpay.com.