Quuppa Ecosystem grows 40%

Quuppa, a company that delivers the world´s most advanced indoor positioning technology, has announced its partner ecosystem has grown more than 40 percent since it was announced earlier this year, and now includes more than 100 best-of-breed companies worldwide serving a variety of industries that demand real-time precision location capabilities, including manufacturing and logistics, healthcare, law enforcement and security, sports, retail, government and others, the company said.

With the Quuppa Intelligent Location Systemâ„¢–which incorporates a unique combination of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and the Angle of Arrival (AoA) methodology–as its foundation, the Quuppa Ecosystem is delivering on its promise to provide open, low-cost and scalable solutions for applications that demand the most accurate, real-time positioning of assets and people. Ecosystem partners include companies that provide software solutions, tags, and installation services, as well as system integrators and solution providers that provide end-to-end solutions utilizing Quuppa´s ultra-reliable “dot on the map.”

The Quuppa Ecosystem provides an open positioning platform in terms of hardware and software APIs, allowing each partner to focus on its core competencies and drive value for its customers using Quuppa´s technology as the location solution of choice, helping bring projects quickly to a successful completion.

The BLE standardization of real-time location services (RTLS) using AoA and the Angle of Departure (AoD) method has reached a point where BLE chip manufacturers have started to promote their prototype AoA/AoD chipsets.

To learn more about Quuppa´s Ecosystem and its powerful solutions for indoor location services, visit Quuppa at www.quuppa.com.