QuoLab synchronises defensive activities with threat intelligence action

QuoLab Technologies has entered the market with a collaborative, data-centric security operations platform, the company said.

Born from EU-based services company, QuoScient, QuoLab provides solutions to the most pressing security challenges of our time; affording the ability to process data at scale and enable human operators to deliver on their mission efficiently. Partners, and key personnel responsible for the original platform design, Fabien Dombard and Daniel Young, will lead QuoLab to advance the security operations market in a truly proactive direction.

Security teams at global enterprises lack the tools necessary to synchronize their defense, and as a result, are inadequately positioned to protect their enterprise cyber landscape. Reactive operations leave the enterprise exposed to business threats representing themselves in various ways including cyberattacks, regulatory fines and burned out security professionals.

This challenge was felt acutely by Dombard during his time at one of the largest Global Financial Institutions. In response, he developed a platform that connected teams and technologies across the world, within a dedicated network, to enhance collaboration and enable proactive security. Using momentum from this experience, a new project was started in 2017 which evolved to become the QuoLab platform.

When integrated into an enterprise network, the QuoLab platform becomes the data-centric workbench from which all action takes place, including the ingesting, analyzing, tracking, managing and investigating of threat data and alerts. Synergy is created between analysts, operators and technologies; proactive security is achieved through data fusion, automated triage and analytics.

The platform cuts data and malware processing times by 50% and increases the speed by which internal and external threats are matched by 480%. Such a significant reduction in overhead makes it possible for operators to focus on response and recovery from the most significant threats.

QuoLab Technologies empowers security professionals to analyze, investigate and respond to threats within an integrated ecosystem. The collaborative, data-centric platform merges deep analytics and intuitive workflows, enabling human operators to efficiently deliver on their mission. The company believes that increased focus on cooperation, combined with scalable, distributed data handling and processing techniques is the key to gaining a decisive advantage in the ever evolving security operations space.