QuickLogic launches platform for Endpoint AI applications

QuickLogic Corporation (NASDAQ: QUIK) has announced the launch of its QuickAIâ„¢ platform for endpoint Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications, the company said.

The new QuickAI platform provides an all-inclusive low power solution and development environment to economically incorporate the benefits of AI in endpoint applications. It features technology, software and toolkits from General Vision, Nepes, SensiML and QuickLogic, all of which have formed a tightly coupled ecosystem to solve the challenges associated with the implementation of AI for endpoint applications.

QuickLogic enables OEMs to maximize battery life for highly differentiated, immersive user experiences with Smartphone, Wearable, Hearable and IoT devices. QuickLogic delivers these benefits through industry ultra-low power customer programmable SoC semiconductor solutions, embedded software, and algorithm solutions for always-on voice and sensor processing. The company´s embedded FPGA initiative also enables SoC designers to easily implement post production changes and increase revenue by providing hardware programmability to their end customers. For more information about QuickLogic, visit www.quicklogic.com and http://blog.quicklogic.com.