Questback, RaisedBy.Us to transform organizations through insight, good corporate citizenship

Questback and RaisedBy.Us, bonded by their aligned corporate missions to transform organizations through their people, partner to foster good corporate citizenship and leverage the power of insight. #GivingTuesday marks their continued collaboration, delivering insight and fostering cultures that give back, starting with the NYC tech community, the company said.

On the heels of a successful panel event in October, sponsored by Questback and company, RaisedBy.Us continues to enable organizations to foster workplace cultures that give back. Unlocking culture and philanthropy in the workplace, RaisedBy.Us partners include Squarespace, Shutterstock, Bonobos and InVision among others.

With a focus on NYC tech companies, RaisedBy.Us continues to see success and aspires to outdo past events with today´s Giving Tuesday “NYC Tech Bids for Good,” a digital auction fundraising for various charities.

Questback is a complete feedback system that helps companies transform customer, employee and market research programs. Used by thousands of companies, including one-third of the Forbes list, Questback is the smarter, faster way to manage feedback. Learn more at

RaisedBy.Us unlocks culture and philanthropy in the workplace. A not-for-profit organization, RBU enables social good through employee giving, volunteerism and community events. RBU partners with employers that are excited to engage in social good activities but lack internal corporate social responsibility (“CSR”) capabilities while simultaneously amplifying CSR technology platforms by driving participation rates.