Questback maximizes team performance with Qubie

Organizations can maximize team collaboration and performance by empowering their teams with timely and relevant insights thanks to Qubie, the company said.

Qubie from Questback, the global provider of enterprise feedback management, is a virtual team coach focused on team improvement.

Organizations face continual pressure to transform in response to an evolving and disruptive business landscape. At the same time, the workplace is morphing into a flatter, less rigid structure as agile ways of working, emerging technologies and collaborative, unified communications signal the future.

Against this backdrop, Qubie solves an increasing business imperative to foster high-performing teams, comprised of aligned and motivated team members, in order thrive in uncertain times.

Questback is a complete feedback system that helps companies transform customer, employee and market research programs. Used by thousands of companies, including one-third of the Forbes list, Questback is the smarter, faster way to manage feedback.