Qucell uses Symmetricom SoftClock Solutions in small cell solutions

Symmetricom Inc. (NASDAQ: SYMM) has integrated its SoftClocks into 4G/LTE + WiFi small cells offered by Qucell, Inc., a provider of small cell coverage devices for telecommunications carriers.

This successful integration enables Qucell to join Symmetricom´s SyncWorld Ecosystem Program in the small cells category.

Working closely with Symmetricom, Qucell validated the compliance of its “Evolve Q1016” and “Evolve Q1008,” two 4G/LTE enterprise and residential small cell products, with the LTE FDD standard. Throughout rigorous testing, Qucell´s small cell portfolio was capable of maintaining precise and constant synchronization using Symmetricom´s SoftClock software. Qucell enabled Korea Telecom to launch the world´s first massive commercial LTE small cell service with its Evolve Q1016 enterprise LTE small cells.

Qucell is a leading small cell solution company based in Silicon Valley, USA providing 4G/LTE + WiFi small cell solutions including number of small cells APs and the small cells Management System for residential, public, and enterprise deployment. The company´s website is at www.kt.com.

Symmetricom is a world leader in precise time solutions. The company generates, distributes and applies precise time for the communications, aerospace/defense, IT infrastructure, power and metrology industries. For more information, visit: http://www.symmetricom.com or join the dialogue at http://www.twitter.com/symmetricom.