Quark Expeditions offers polar expeditions in Greenland using twin-engine helicopters

Quark Expeditions has announced the introduction of its Greenland Expedition program, capitalizing on Ultramarine´s two twin-engine helicopters, dual heli-decks and a first-ever partnership with local communities in South Greenland that will offer off-ship adventure options, the company said.

The launch of the polar vessel Ultramarine–with its two twin-engine helicopters, 20 quick-launching Zodiacs and the largest portfolio of adventure options in the industry–has enabled Quark Expeditions to curate a unique Greenland Program in partnership with municipal, regional and national partners, including Tasermiut, a leading outdoor adventure specialist in South Greenland.

Quark Expeditions, a Polar Adventure company, that takes commercial travelers to the Polar Regions. Quark Expeditions is a member of the Travelopia Group, a collection of travel brands focused on specialist travel.