Quantum Xchange urges development of quantum-safe defensive solutions for data security

In response to the White House´s National Cyber Strategy released in September, Quantum Xchange, a provider of secure communications and unbreakable encryption, urges the US technology industry and law makers to take immediate action and lead the development of quantum-safe defensive solutions for data security, the company said.

Quantum computing poses a real threat to the public-key cryptography protocols and the underlying public-key infrastructure (PKI) that keeps data secure today.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has initiated the process to standardize one or more quantum-resistant public-key cryptographic algorithms, however, because PKI is rooted in mathematical equations, quantum computers will be able to crack these codes as well, exposing data in a matter of minutes.

Quantum Xchange asserts that developing a quantum-based defensive strategy for the post-quantum era to secure sensitive communications outside of PKI is integral to protecting national security.

To achieve this state, government support must be put into place for further research and the development of a quantum workforce. Legislation to create a 10-year National Quantum Initiative would provide at least USD 1.3 billion in funding, according to MIT Technology Review. Private-sector executives have, and continue to, stress the importance of such a bill, which would support the creation of a Quantum Consortium and the establishment of Grand Challenges to focus quantum computing research.

As a provider of unbreakable quantum keys and secure communications, Quantum Xchange gives commercial enterprises and government agencies the ultimate defense to keep high-value assets safe. Offering the first and only quantum-secured network in the United States, Quantum Xchange secures the channel for critical communications, enabling organizations to send unbreakable data over any distance using the laws of quantum physics. To learn more about the future of security realized today, visit QuantumXC.com.