Quake Global launches global LTE

Quake Global, Inc. has announced the availability of global LTE in its QPRO™ and Q4000™, which both come with bi-directional and dual-mode communication protocols over global satellite and cellular networks, the company said.

Q4000 and QPRO are now available to our customers across the globe featuring the latest LTE communication technology, Cat M1/NB-IoT. This technology is designed to support M2M markets with a special focus on lower data costs for IoT data-driven applications. LTE is ideal for our customers who have equipment spanning significant geographic areas.

The robust hardware housing and platform are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, challenging work environments and are built to last.

Quake´s QRO and Q4000 family of products are all programmable which enables a highly customizable user experience for OEM customers and configurable for customers that need customized solutions. Quake´s products are widely considered to be the most reliable and well respected in their class.

Quake´s telematics products have been used by many industries that include aviation, construction, heavy equipment, transportation, emergency services, maritime, agriculture, mining and oil, and gas. Quake Global is an industry market leader for satellite and cellular telematics communications in the global IoT Connected market. For more information, visit www.quakeglobal.com.