Quad9 enabled across City Guest, public WiFi

Part of the NYC Secure effort is the adoption of the Quad9 cyber security platform across all New York City guest and public WiFi access locations, the company said.

Quad9 provides an automated security solution by leveraging the domain name system, known as the DNS, to block known malicious and bad websites through the use of more than 18 threat intelligence feeds. Quad9 is a free, easy to use service available to any organization, corporation, or individual.

By using Quad9 the city is also leveraging an investment made by NYC. Quad9 was created, in part, by the Global Cyber Alliance (GCA), a non-profit.

Quad9 was conceived of by GCA and built in collaboration with IBM and Packet Clearing House (PCH). Since its launch in November of 2017, Quad9 usage has increased more than 27-fold and is used in more than 150 countries around the world, resolving billions of queries every day. Each day, approximately 2 million domain lookups are blocked, protecting the end user from connecting to a malicious destination. These blocked lookups represent attempts to reach phishing, ransomware, botnet command and control servers, and other forms of harmful or fraudulent systems.

Learn more about Quad9, including how to set it up on either a Mac OS or Windows system at www.Quad9.net.