QliqSOFT Healthcare Chatbot Solves Patient Engagement Instantly

QliqSOFT, specializing in secure, HIPAA-compliant clinical communication solutions, has announced the launch of its healthcare chatbot platform, Quincy, the company said.

Quincy offers chatbot templates that address care-specific use cases that include pre-configured intents and dialogue flows or customized chatbots can be built to suit your unique needs. As a chatbot platform, Quincy enables healthcare providers to build and deploy HIPAA-compliant, AI-driven, conversational chatbots that help them put more care-related information in the hands of their patients, facilitate self-service, improve workflow, drive better outcomes, and reduce costs.

Qliqsoft´s conversational patient engagement platform provides patients care-related information via mobile texting and web-based messaging. Quincy chatbots are available 24-7 and Quincy is limitlessly scalable.

With its unique cloud pass-thru architecture, QliqSOFT´s Secure Texting, On-Call Scheduling, Patient Communication, and Clinical Collaboration solutions are trusted by over 1,000 Hospitals, Home Health, and Hospice Organizations to deliver HIPAA-compliant, reliable, and real-time communication between doctors, nurses, caregivers, and patients. To learn more, visit www.qliqsoft.com.