QinetiQ North America wins USD 3m AFLCMC contract for wind profiling technology

Waltham, Massachusetts-based QinetiQ North America (QNA) has received a USD 3m contract from the US Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC) for its Wind Profiling Portable Radar (WiPPR) technology, the company said.

WiPPR provides near real-time precision wind measurements which will enable C-130 and C-17 aircrews to airdrop critical supplies more accurately and quickly to US ground forces in austere locations.

Under the contract, QNA will design and build a prototype airborne WiPPR unit that will be tested to demonstrate accurate wind measurement in near real-time. Airborne WiPPR is based on QNA´s commercially available ground based WiPPR Wind-Profiling Portable Radar technology. WiPPR systems are available for research, weather, and commercial wind markets worldwide.

QNA has a long history of providing operational systems to the US military that provide local meteorological data in support of critical operations including airdrop. WiPPR is the next step in this operational capability.

QinetiQ North America is a subsidiary of QinetiQ Group plc (LSE:QQ.L). QNA delivers technology and products to the defense, security, commercial, utility, and transportation markets. Customers rely on its products to increase situational awareness, aid in personal safety, enhance security, and streamline operations. The company´s products include unmanned systems, military protection, power sensors and control systems and transportation safety solutions. QNA operates as the US arm of QinetiQ Group´s Global Products division.