Qatar Airways offers Iftar during Ramadan

Qatar Airways has continued its Ramadan tradition of offering travellers an Iftar meal box featuring snacks inspired by Middle Eastern cuisine to break their fast, the company said.

Available on selected flights throughout the month of Ramadan, which ends July 5, 2016, the Qatar Airways Iftar boxes have been designed to engage all passengers. Each box features inspiring messages about the meaning of Ramadan, providing all passengers with insight into this celebration for Muslims.

Iftar meal boxes are available on flights to Cairo, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Basra, Dammam, Dubai, Gassim, Kuwait Muscat, Riyadh, Sharjah, Abha, Alexandria, Amman, Bagdad, Khartoum, Medina, Najaf, Salalah, Sulaymaniyah, Taif, Hofuf, Shiraz, Luxor and Mashad.

Qatar Airways, the national carrier of the State of Qatar, is in its 19th year of operations, flying with a fleet of 185 aircraft flying to more than 150 business and leisure destinations across six continents.