Pynit provides 1-click directions most-used destinations

Available now for iOS and Android, mobile navigation app Pynit easily navigates users to the places they visit most for free.

The app streamlines navigation to users´ preferred businesses by allowing them to create and store an unlimited amount of both specific “Pyns,” as well as general “Pyns.” When a Pyn is selected, the app displays a list of nearby locations and provides turn-by-turn directions to the location chosen.

In addition to providing a list of locations and their distances, the application also displays Google ratings, which allows users a second point of reference in their choice.

The application is perfect for users to locate their go-to restaurants and stores as well as general locations such as nearby gas stations, pharmacies or hospitals. With Pynit, users can instantly access the closest location of business chains they frequent and navigate there with ease.

Pynit is available for iOS and Android for free, including an unlimited amount of pyns. It was designed and created by developers Michael Garland and Ronny Sage from Chicago, IL.