Push Doctor, Modality launch drive for omni-channel health

Push Doctor, a pioneer of digital health, has launched a digital health service together with Modality Partnership, one of the largest NHS super-partnerships in the UK, the company said.

The roadmap for this partnership will see Push Doctor providing online consultations with a number of Modality practices across multiple CCGs in the first instance. Over time, this will create the single largest digital point of access to GP care in combination with Push Doctor´s private practice, and will bring the benefits of improved access, efficiency and choice to the public at no additional cost to the NHS.

The service will be free at the point of use for Modality patients. During the initial pilot a number of different approaches for patient access will be trailed, both with patients being navigated to a Push Doctor consultation via trained practice receptionist and alternatively with patients being able to access the service directly. In either instance, if a patient receives a virtual consultation with a GP and needs a face to face appointment they will always retain the ability to be seen in person as required. In this way, the service will create a unique understanding of how best to combine the benefits of digital with the critical practice based services that patients rely on today.

Push Doctor was the UK´s first platform to offer video consultations with patients online and via smartphone — offering quick, easy and convenient access to NHS trained doctors. For more information visit www.PushDoctor.co.uk | Twitter @PushDoctor

Modality Partnership are one of the first GP super-partnerships in the country and serves more than 400,000 patients across Sandwell, Birmingham, Walsall, Hull, Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven, Wokingham, East Surry and Lewisham.