Purely CRM product care migrates to the cloud

Purely CRM has been working with Product Care in the migration of existing CRM platforms to the Microsoft 365 Cloud, the company said.

This migration centralizes the data of 3 different pre-existing CRM systems into the Cloud.

This integrates the CRM systems into a web portal and to the backend of a Microsoft ERP system. The data from the web portal is then inputted directly into the Cloud to be accessed easily from their CRM system. The goal of this project was to support the CRM infrastructure in a way that will benefit the financial management structure of Product Care.

Product Care Association (PCA) is a federally incorporated, not-for-profit, product stewardship organization. PCA´s mission is to provide product stewardship solutions that advance the efficiency and effectiveness of recycling program delivery for its members, while caring for the environment, consumers and PCA´s employees. PCA is committed to making the recycling of special waste easy for everyone.

Purely CRM is a privately held company that is 100% focused on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM product with customers across North America. As a team, they have been involved with Microsoft Dynamics CRM since version 1.0. Purely CRM has made the strategic decision to solely focus on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM product and brings industry expertise in such areas as mining, manufacturing, banking, and many more.