Pure TalkUSA rolls out affordable phone service

National wireless provider Pure TalkUSA (PTUSA) has announced updated plan offerings, positioning the company as one of the lowest cost service providers available today, the company said.

With plans beginning at just USD 20 for unlimited talk and text and 500 MB of data, Pure TalkUSA offers customers a range of scalable data plans up to USD 45 for unlimited talk and text with 10GB of data.

Pure TalkUSA also differentiates its offering from many providers by ensuring customers are able to utilize their plan´s full monthly data allotment at maximum 4G LTE speeds. If monthly data limits are reached, rather than turning off customer´s data or charging overage fees, they slow speeds to 128 kilobytes per second which permits customers to continue to send picture messages and access the Internet until their data renews on their next billing cycle. This ensures customers do not incur unexpected expense or find themselves unable to fully utilize their devices.

Operating on the largest GSM network in the country and the same 4G LTE network as more expensive carriers, Pure TalkUSA ensures its customers receive reliable coverage virtually anytime, anywhere, while providing contract-free service with no line access fees.

This latest update eliminates Pure TalkUSA´s “Simple Plan,” which did not include unlimited talk and text. Customers currently on the 7GB of data plan will now receive 10GB at the same price. Pure TalkUSA also offers customers the opportunity to save an additional 20 percent when they add up to four lines to their account. The company provides phone sales and support online at www.puretalkusa.com.

Founded in 2004, Veteran-owned Pure TalkUSA is a nationwide cell phone service provider of low-cost, high value cell phone service. It operates using the nation´s largest GSM network to provide reliable, affordable unlimited calling plans starting at USD 20/month — with no contract, no restrictions and no extra fees — along with US-based customer service. Pure TalkUSA is focused on delivering affordable, high-value unlimited service plans and handsets, along with the latest wireless technology for the best customer experience. Visit www.puretalkusa.com for additional information.