Pulselite Bird Strike Prevention System STC expands supplemental type certificate

Precise Flight, Inc. has announced the expansion of its Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for the Pulselite Bird Strike Prevention System, the company said.

The system includes approvals for the Bell 429 and Bell 505 variations.

The Pulselite System is an FAA certified lightweight electrical system controller that alternatively pulses the landing and auxiliary lights of a helicopter, thereby increasing visibility and reflecting the speed and directional movement of the rotorcraft. In addition to enhancing the margin of safety by increasing rotorcraft recognition, the Pulselite® System has been proven to significantly reduce bird strikes.

The Pulselite System is installed on more than 30,000 aircraft worldwide and is certified for most rotorcraft models (click here for more information about Precise Flight, Inc.´s Bird Strike Prevention System).

Precise Flight, Inc. is a global leader in aviation safety and performance. Precise Flight, Inc.´s Pulselite Bird Strike Prevention System is the only FAA approved onboard solution proven to reduce bird strikes for commercial aviation.